Christmas Ornaments – Amazing Crafting Products Design Team

For my final individual project post for Amazing Crafting Products I decided to show my resin Christmas Ornaments I created for my Etsy Store.  First I want to thank Amazing Crafting Products and Terri Sproul for such an amazing opportunity.
Every year I create Christmas Ornaments for my Etsy Store and donate half to a specific charity (Trevor’s Project, St. Jude’s, NWF, March of Dimes, Feed the Hungry, etc.).  Every year I am under the wire to finish ornaments and never get as many as I would like.  This year I decided to mold the original clay ornaments in mold putty, cast them in resin and hand paint them.  This way I could make a ton of ornaments (a ton in my book is more than one), sell them at a cheaper price and still donate money to charity.

1.  Materials:

2.  Take equal parts A & B of the Mold Putty
3.  Knead together as quickly as possible.
4.  Place item in the mold.  Allow item to set for 5-10 minutes before unmolding.
5.  Mix resin equal parts A & B and pour into molds.
6.  Allow resin to cure about 5-10 minutes.
7.  Un-mold and paint with acrylic craft paint.

I currently have 5 new ornaments and plan on making a lot more for my Etsy Shop.


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