Homemade iPod Costume

I am sort of the neighborhood crafty person (i.e. phone calls for what paint or how to make something).  When our babysitter texted me a couple weeks back, “Hey could you help me make an iPod Costume?”  I said sure.  I found some ideas on Pinterest but they were a tad too, um revealing for a twelve year old but the idea was there.

I informed her to find a dress (I knew her mom would help in this department) and to buy some white Duck Tape® for everything else.  I got the are you sure Duck Tape® wouldn’t you use fabric?  I told her to buy a dress that she would wear again because with the Duck Tape® she could wear it again.

This weekend I made the Halloween Costume – here is my How-To:

1.  Materials:

  • Dress (my babysitter bought it at Forever 21 for $3.50 – why can’t I find deals like that?)
  • White Duck Tape® and Gray Duck Tape®
  • Plastic Sheet – mine is an old sheet protector
  • Bic Mark-it Stone Gray
  • Letter Template
  • Scissors
  • Paper Plate (template)
  • Old CD (template)
  • Ruler

2.  Trace a circle on the plastic sheet.

3.  Add tape over lapping each piece of tape.  Trace the plate again over the tape.  Center the CD in the center of the circle (about 2″ on all sides) and trace the circle.

4.  Cut the embellishments out of the Gray Duck Tape® and add them to the white circle.  Use the Letter Template and Bic Mark-it to create the lettering (MENU).

5.  Cut out the circles (outside and inside).  Keep the inside of the circle (it is the perfect size for the apple on the back).

6.  Draw an 8″ x 8″ square on another sheet of acetate for the screen part of the iPod.  Overlap tape like was done with the circle.  Add the lettering with the Bic Mark-it and the Lettering Template.  Cut a piece of gray Duck Tape® for the bar along the bottom.

7.  Carefully peel the Duck Tape® away from the acetate (I did have to use an Exacto knife to help separate it).

8.  Center the items on the front of the dress and stick them down carefully (so you can position if need be).  Once it is how you like it press it firmly down.

9.  Take the center of the circle and draw and apple shape.  Cut out.  For the iPod words I took a strip of Duck Tape® and freehanded the words.  Once I finished that I centered it on the back (above the butt area).

10.  Finished!

She is thrilled with the costume I personally can’t wait to see if she wins anything with it.  I will say it was my first iPod I ever created and I got a whole roll of white Duck Tape® very excited!

UPDATE:  She won first place for best original costume at a Halloween Party.

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