Homemade Ruby Slippers

Homemade Glittered Ruby SlippersI have been creating Halloween Costumes like a crazy woman.  The Princess is going to be Dorothy for Halloween this year.  My mom found her an authentic Dorothy Dress at the Goodwill Store (I think it was $4.00) but she couldn’t find shoes.  The princess had a pair of red dress shoes that were a tad beat up (okay really beat up the sole was separating from the shoe but no holes just needed to be glued.)  I mentioned the shoes to my mom and said I just needed to buy Glitter.  My mom knows me and she also knew I would NEVER purchase the glitter to make the shoes work.  My mom calls me and says the small bottle or big bottle for the glitter, I said big (thinking an 8oz container).  I received the box and open it the jar of glitter is the size of a Mason jar.  I would like to state I had no idea glitter came that large.  I am calling that jar Glitterzilla – it is HUGE!  Once I had Glitterzilla and the Princess saw it I had to glitter her shoes.


  • Mod Podge®
  • Glitter (aka: Glitterzilla)
  • Old Shoes (I did have to glue the soles)
  • Tray (for glitter)
  • Paint Brush (for Mod Podge®)

Cover the shoe with Mod Podge

Dump the glitter over the shoe (over the Mod Podge®)

More Glitter!

To seal the shoes – I covered them in Mod Podge®

Finished shoes! Boy do they glitter!

We now have a beautiful “new” pair of shoes for Halloween (and whenever she feels like wearing them) and a whole bottle of red glitter (oh boy!)

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