Happy 7th Birthday Princess!

My “baby” girl turns SEVEN today.  I am in shock that she is seven.  I love her more than words can describe (even when she doesn’t listen).  She is talented, smart, and has a wonderful kind heart.  I am so glad she chose me to be her mommy.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the past 7 years.

A couple days after she was born

About 3 months old – one of my favorite photos

Six months old with her purple monster (B-Bip)

Blowing bubbles (about 9 months old)

Two years old – she loved that hat

Holding her brother

Nap time

She wanted to be a TiVo Happy Face for Halloween so mom made that happen for her.

Being goofy after drawing Patrick on our driveway

Me and the Princess – Happy Birthday sweetie 🙂










I love you sweetie!  I hope you have a great birthday!



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