Tasty Tuesday – Birthday Cupcake Cake

Saturday was the Princess’s Birthday Party the only thing she wanted was a Littlest Pet Shop Sea Turtle Cupcake Cake.  I honestly had no idea what I was going to do for this cake I did have a ton of mini cupcakes (120) to use.

Surprisingly it came together rather nicely, I arranged the mini cupcakes in the shape of a sea turtle and then started frosting it.  I used my frosting gun from Wilton and then smooth everything with a frosting knife.  I also piped the black frosting with a real piping bag (yep crazy).  One of my friends watched me do it and she said I was crazy but it put a smile on the Princess’s face so it was worth it!


The Sea Turtle Cake Cupcakes


The Princess and her cake!



Also don’t forget to do your civic duty and VOTE!

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