29 Days Until Christmas?!?!?!

How did that happen?  I am sitting here typing in my Christmas PJs (no lie), sipping coffee, trying to figure out who is getting what for Christmas.  Every year I say I am not going to stress myself out over Christmas but every year I end up freaking out and stressing about it.  This year is different my daughter doesn’t want the Pet Shops like in years past this year she wants a Kindle Fire HD (it was an iPod Touch but she was able to test out both and she liked the Kindle Fire HD better.)  Booga wants trains, lots of wooden trains.  I am pretty handy but when I can get a complete train set for $120, track, trains, table, everything with free shipping to my house, I am going to go that route instead.  I am going to modify the train set a tad making the Crane into Cranky the Crane and simple modifications like that but the big stuff is being purchased.

I still am making my traditional Bath Soaks for some friends, teachers, etc. but the big stuff for my kids is being purchased this year.  Part of me is saddened by this but part of me is over joyed with the prospect of  no sleepless nights trying to finish items in time for Santa’s visit.  We are going to make some projects for the Grandparents and I am (or plan on) making cookies this year.  The princess wants to make Reindeer Bookmarks for her class this year complete with red noses (this is still in the planning stages).  I also have some really cute Girl Scouts Ornaments that I am going to make for my troop for Christmas (I will do a How-to for that because it would be prefect for older girls as well).  I am trying to find patterns of stuff I have made (the felt Doctor Kit for one) which some how has disappeared.  I hope to be able to find this and create it soon.  Booga however usually has different ideas on what mom should be doing, typing and planning is not usually one of them.

I have been scrapbooking our vacation – yay!  Here are the first two pages:


Look I am starting to scrapbook our vacation – I am also using papers fom the Digi Shoppe!

The second page of the Vacation scrapbook

Another reason I have not been “crafting” is because I have been working on the Digi Shoppe because I really want the prefect paper for the scrapbook.  When all else fails make it yourself, which I have been and quite a bit of it.  I am very excited to be scrapbooking again and finally using my own papers (yay!  printer).


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