Class Presents (with printable)

It has been a whirl wind week, with Christmas Programs, Christmas Vacation and preparing for the big man in red.  Since the Princess has started school we have done “class presents” usually a bookmark and something else.  This year it was just the bookmarks, the princess didn’t really want to help me with projects this year so we didn’t do anything except the bookmarks.

Like last year I used cereal boxes (this makes it sturdier , I used some old Scrapbooking paper (winter themed) to cover one side of the cereal box (I recommend Spray Mounting the paper.)  I the printing out the following image and glued them on the other side.


To print image click on the picture


I made 25 bookmarks you can get 12 bookmarks from one standard size cereal box.  It was a nice, easy gift that encourages reading instead of video games.

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