Barrel O Monkey Earrings

We walk almost every day to school and from school it is a nice walk about a mile but it gets us all moving.  I started walking in the mornings when we got Reeva, Jeff use to take the kids and I would stay home and drink my coffee.  It can be a tad difficult to maneuver a stroller with a Booga, a 7 year old and a doggie (I know I do it almost every afternoon if Booga doesn’t sleep too late.)  I always look at the ground in hopes of find money that is how I made our penny coasters. We were walking one morning and I came upon monkeys from the Barrel O Monkeys Game but they were baby monkeys.  I picked them up and shoved them in my pocket I was so excited.  I then hear Jeff say, “You are going to make earrings out of those monkeys aren’t you.”  My husband knows me too well, he then said, “If you wouldn’t have been here this morning I would have picked them up for you.”  YAY – my husband sees cool things on the street and knows immediately what I can make with them.  This was a super easy project and was free!

Barrel O Monkey Earrings



  • 2 Monkeys (mine were found on the street)
  • 2 Fish Hook Earrings (I had)
  • Exacto Knife
  • Marker (to marker the holes)
  • Seed Beads (Optional – I did not use because I forgot)
Monkey earring materials

Monkey earring materials

Take your marker and add a dot where you want your hole.  Take your Exacto Knife and carefully drill out the whole.

Add a dot for the hole.

Take the earring and add the monkey charm to the earring.  Repeat process for the other monkey.

Finished Monkey Earrings

Finished Monkey Earrings

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