Striking a Balance

I did something I never in a million years thought I would ever do, I uninstalled the Facebook and Twitter Applications off my phone.  Why?  Because it dawned on me do people really want to know what I am doing every waking moment?  Do I really care that much about Facebook that I can’t go 30 minutes without checking it?  I have a 3 year old son who for the majority of his life has never seen me with out a phone in my hand.  He even asks me before I leave the house, “Mom do you have your phone?”  Granted part of that is because I answer phones for a tour company but why do I feel the need to be “connected.”  Who cares what I am doing, really outside my family and a couple friends who cares?  I can post the important things but no one really cares if I am sitting in the care bored waiting for karate to end.

I find myself getting bored with Social Media, mainly because I stopped playing games long ago and I am tired of all the political crap.  As for Pinterest it is a time sucker beyond all time suckers for me, I have so many items pinned I will never get to them all.  I want to paint, create art, and spend time with my kids before they don’t want to spend time with me.  Something has to give and that is what needs to give I have no idea how long it will last but I am going to try to make an effort to stay off Facebook and Twitter on my phone.  May that hurt my business, blog or social media contacts I have made, maybe but my kids are far more important to me than advancing in my career.  I will still blog because I enjoy it and check Facebook and Twitter but I won’t be constantly connected.

It has been four days and I can honestly say I don’t miss it.  I have been coming up with so many new ideas that I really think it has benefitted me creatively.  This weekend I watch the Princess break her first board and graduate to Yellow Belt in karate.  I watched the whole ceremony and enjoyed it there was no need or want to check my phone I was there for her and if I hadn’t done that I would have been checking Facebook during other portions of the ceremony (like other parents were doing).  I was incredibly proud when she broke the board in half and received her yellow belt.

I also managed to get 151 seeds started (post coming soon) which was relaxing and I hope it will be really rewarding (grow my pretties, grow!).  I also sketched this weekend and watched Die Hard – Live Free and Die Hard without having my face buried in my phone.  Of course baked my Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes with huge modifications for Gluten Free for Superbowl and they were FANTASTIC (recipe coming soon)!  Maybe I am making a conscience effort to pay attention more but I am enjoying myself and the observations I am making.  I am feeling extremely creative and carefree which is something I haven’t felt in quite sometime.  Is this change for everyone?  No but ask yourself do your friends really care about EVERY THING in your life?  I am pretty sure most could careless.  I have found myself taking way more photos with my phone and have been doing the 365 day challenge so far so good.


Here is my month of January 2013 for the 365 Project

Here is my month of January 2013 for the 365 Project – if you want to see the photos and follow me on 365 Project click on the photo.


I am enjoying myself being semi-unplugged and I hope to have far more to share very soon.

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