Reclaimed Wood Table

My neighbor removed part of their fence and had a pile of old wood that they said I could raid at will, I of course took them up on this.  I really wanted to make a table for outside out of reclaimed wood.

I can assure you it took much longer than I though it would because I started with nails.  Nails will NOT work with reclaimed wood, I am not sure what I was thinking.  My advice USE SCREWS (good screws like deck screws) or you will have to redo it, trust me!

All rights reserved - A.J.'s Arts and Designs


Look at all that wood there was no way I could let it go to waste.  I created a very simple table design using the wood (sorry no construct photos and the design I sketched in chalk on the sidewalk).  I do plan on maybe doing a plan but I need to take measurements of every thing because I didn’t write anything down when I did it.

All rights reserved - A.J.'s Arts and DesignsNot too shabby of a table it is a tad crooked because I didn’t have my level or anyone helping me hold stuff in place but as you can see it does hold a drink and really that is the most important thing.


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