Leslierahye’s Earth Day Blog Hop – Reclaimed Wood Coat Hanger

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I love to recycle and find new ways to use old items.  Since I got my circular saw for Valentine’s Day I have really enjoyed using it.  My problem was I did not have wood to build anything, that changed a couple weeks ago when my neighbor took down their fence.  Jeff being the awesome husband asked if they were going to use any of it and if not could I have it.  They said take as much as you want, so I now have this abundance of old, distressed wood.  I have been looking for close to two years for a non-plastic coat hanger for under $10.  I can say they do not exist and if they do I have yet to find one.

My mom sent me some wooden clothes pins (the kind you make people ornaments out of) a couple weeks ago and immediately thought these would make great pegs for a coat rack.  The total time for this project was maybe 10 minutes per hanger.


  • Circular Saw
  • Wood 19″ x 3 3/4″ (mine was a piece of a picket fence cut to 19″ because I was too lazy to remove the nails)
  • 3 Clothes Pins
  • Miter Box and Saw (I used a hand held one)
  • 7/16″ Wood Drill Bit
  • Drill
  • Rubber Mallet
  • 2 Pop Tops
  • Staple Gun or Finishing Tacks
The old fence from my neighbor

The old fence from my neighbor

Reclaimed Wood Coat Hanger How-to

  1. Cut wood to desired length, mine was 19″
  2. Measure where you want the holes.  Measurement based on 19″ board:  Center:  9 1/2″   I measured from the edge to center – Right:  4 3/4″  Left:  4 3/4″
  3. I drilled the holes
  4. I cut the clothes pins down to 2 1/2″ with the aid of a miter box and hand saw.
  5. Taking a rubber mallet I hammered the clothes pins into the holes.
  6. Hammering done (you can paint or woodburn here before adding the pop tops)
  7. Measuring in 3″ from the edge on either side place the pop top and staple in place with a staple gun.  Hang on wall.

All rights reserved - A.J.'s Arts and DesignsAdd hats, coats, backpacks to the hangers.

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