MOM… I’m Bored!

The three dreaded words of summer vacation… MOM, I’m Bored!  I heard that every day last week, even on the days we went to the pool.  Growing up is so different now than when I was a kid.  For example I had kids to play with no one went to summer camp meaning there were always 10-15 kids at my parents house at all times.  My mom would also kick our butts outside at 8am and we wouldn’t go home until the sun was going down.  I am pretty sure meals were optional most summer days.  Having my own kids there is no way I would let my kids do that I don’t care how old they are, not happening.  My kids are more interested in video games which drives me crazy.  I think it drives me crazy because I didn’t have a gaming system as a kid so we had to be creative even on the hot days (my brother got a Game Boy when I was in high school otherwise we were a video game free zone).  I sat down and thought of all the things we did when we were kids and made a list.  I wrote everything on strips of paper, cut them up, folded them and put them in a jar with a tag that says MOM, I’m Bored!



An old candy jar I had.  I added some ribbon and a tag to remind them what it is.

An old candy jar I had. I added some ribbon and a tag to remind them what it is.

I did add things like “clean your room” and “work on a math page” but for the most part it is all fun stuff that I thought they could learn from.  I am hoping this saves my sanity this summer 🙂  There are rules associated with the jar because I didn’t want a constant stream of items being made and me left to pick up the mess.

The Rules:

1.  There is only one major craft project a day.

2.  All items must be picked up and put away or no more crafting.

3.  No fighting over any craft item, sharing is important.

4.  If mom rejects a project for any reason (either too messy for that day or we don’t have a supply) no fussing or the jar is put away.

5. Have fun!

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