Hmmmm….It Is Summer

As you can probably see I have taken a break from blogging the past couple of months has been insanely crazy.  For some reason I thought it would slow down once school got out, not so.  This summer is so much different than in previous years, I have not one but two kids I need to entertain for twelve hours a day.  I thought after creating the I’m Bored Jar, it would help and it has for the Princess but not for the Booga.  Booga is three and has the attention span of a fly, he gets distracted by shiny objects, dirty objects, furry objects pretty much anything and everything.  I know it is normal, he is a three year old boy but having to take the washable Markers, the Dry Erase Markers and the Dot Markers away today because he looked like he strangled and ate a Smurf was the final straw.  The princess was no where near this challenging up until recently she never drew on anything with a marker.  Booga goes in stages he will go weeks, even months without coloring on anything but paper and then something in his brain will snap and go – must draw on EVERYTHING!!!!

He likes dirt and lots of dirt, he likes mud puddles but not mud and his new favorite thing is to do the exact opposite of whatever mom says.  I know what you are thinking take him outside and let him play in the mud.  That would be wonderful if it wasn’t so hot and we actually had shade somewhere in our backyard.  I could handle the heat if there was shade but there is no shade.  I am trying to figure out ways to get shade in our backyard so we could at least relax out of the sun.

I have already pulled out the Play-Doh and we haven’t even hit the two week mark yet.  He liked the Play-Doh but then he wanted to eat it which he did and he of course liked it, meaning the Play-Doh was put away.  I know what you are thinking most kids have eaten Play-Doh and are fine.  My response I am trying to teach him hands in mouth while using art supplies (paint, markers, play-doh, etc.) is bad.

We have been swimming quite a bit (I am sporting one heck of a tan, something that hasn’t happened in 15 years), we have also made some really cool projects (some are for a blog hop on Monday).  Lately I have been falling asleep on the couch watching PBS after the long days of entertaining two children, glamourous I know.  We have made some very fun projects and have even more planned for the next couple of weeks.  I am hoping to actually get on some sort of schedule by July.  Here is hoping to have some new projects and posts to share soon with everyone, I also admit I am missing my blog and blogging so I will be back a couple times a week really soon with some fun new projects to share 🙂

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