Happy 4th Birthday Booga!

Today we celebrate Booga’s 4th Birthday.

I cannot believe it has been four years since you joined our family.  You are an amazing and sometimes stubborn little man but I love you with every ounce of my being.  You love Trains, Spider-Man, Trains and More Trains.  You love coloring, building, watching movies and you have a slight obsession with the Mo Willems Pigeon (which is totally okay).  I love that you can sing every song from the They Might Be Giants album – FLOOD and that you wanted a FLOOD t-shirt for your birthday.  Even though I get angry when you hit or shove people or Reeva, please know I still love you and I am trying to make you a better person.  When I say you have had enough food for now it doesn’t mean you will never eat again, all it means is I really don’t want to have to wipe up vomit from over eating.  Selfish I know but trust me when I say it is better for all involved.  You are my little man, I love you very much!


I am very proud to be your mommy.

I'm 4!

My Booga – I’m 4!

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