You’re 8 – how did that happen?

The Princess turned eight today and what an amazing, creative, witty, smart lady you have become.  I love you to the moon and back (even when you roll your eyes I still love you.)  I always heard if children will change your life, it is true and I wouldn’t change a thing I love you for you.

I love your stories you write and illustrate.  Your way with words at such a young age is amazing and inspirational.  The illustrations are detailed and tell wonderful stories.  Your eye for photography blows my mind.  I love the fact you read a book a night and love knowledge.  You are wise beyond your years but you still remember you are a young lady.  I love that you stand up for yourself and your friends, and for what is right.  I love that you can ask hard questions that make me think.  Your laugh and smile are contagious and I love your giant hugs.

I can’t believe you have only been in my life for eight years but they have been an amazing eight years!  I love you sweetie to the moon and back!

My beautiful 8 year old Princess

My beautiful 8 year old Princess


Mommy 🙂

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