I’m a klutz…

So I have been working at an insane pace on Christmas ornaments and on a great new idea for 2014 only to have everything stop.  I washed and waxed the kitchen floor the other day thinking holidays are coming and it needed to be done.  Yesterday I went in the kitchen to grab the reservations phone off the counter, only to slip and fall on my arm.

I wasn’t going to go have it looked at but my mom convinced me I needed to go because it is my dominate hand and I couldn’t/can’t hold anything.  I went in this morning and it isn’t broke but my doctor informed me I will wish it was.  I have a bruised bone (the ulna) and a large contusion on the forearm from the fall.  I was informed I can’t do anything (draw, paint, type normally, etc.) with the right arm for about two weeks.  As my unfinished ornaments sit on my work table, the ideas mount and I can’t do anything.  It has only been six hours and I am going crazy.  I will heal but it is going be a very long two weeks hopefully I can get some items listed on my Etsy Store but typing is quite difficult.

My handy work

My handy work

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