The War on Thanksgiving…

I wasn’t going to voice my opinion on this but I see more and more people on my Facebook Feed about Thanksgiving and having to work.  First let me state NONE of my friends, family or their families are “excited” to have to go to work tomorrow.  They would rather be stuffing their face with turkey, pie and other foods while watching football than deal with an ungrateful mob, fighting over the newest thing that was Made in China.  Having worked in hospitality I have worked my fair share of holidays but I was always treated with respect and pity because I was working.  My husband works in news and will be covering the crazy people who wait for the best deal, why because sadly this is news and the news never sleeps.

I admit I despise shopping of any kind unless shoes are involved, so the appeal of waiting in line, running, throwing an elbow or two to get the latest thing is NOT my idea of fun.  I have been shopping on Black Friday when I was in High School, my aunt talked me into coming with her because she needed Tamagotchi pets.  I agreed to help and made it to the back of the store got the limit of five only to have a lady rip one out of my hand because I had too many in her opinion.  After almost getting into a fist fight over a $10.00 toy I was done and vowed NEVER to do it again.

My mom worked at Wal-Mart for several years she hated Black Friday.  One Black Friday she had a stack of Shop Vacs fall on her and was almost trampled because people were in such a rush to get a $20 Shop Vac.  People who work retail get no respect, it isn’t like going to a restaurant and you leave a tip for the server, they get nothing but the occasional elbow.  They do not get to spend time with their family, eat a meal or watch a football game.  Most people need to get into work “early” think about that, the doors open at 6pm that means they need to be in place by 6pm so they have to be to work at 4pm or earlier.  I know of someone who is working 11am-8pm on Thanksgiving Day at Wal-Mart, really?!  You miss lunch and dinner with the family.

If you say there is a War on Christmas and do not say anything about Thanksgiving, you are a hypocrite!  Thanksgiving starts the holiday season, it is a time when family time is important and it should not be about fighting over the latest gadget.  We need to stop shopping on Thanksgiving Day because if you decide to shop on Thanksgiving Day – YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!  Your greed, your desire to save a couple bucks is what is keeping so many from enjoying their time with their friends and family.  So think about that when you are waiting in the cold for the best deal, YOU ARE THE REASON THESE PEOPLE CAN’T BE HOME WITH FAMILY!

If you think it is wrong to make these people work and you go anyways, you are a hypocrite!  It is one day out the year, stay home, stuff your face with pie and turkey, listen to your favorite aunt (or grandma) get drunk off of Brandy Old Fashions.  This what the holidays are about, finding out embarrassing stories about your uncles, aunts and parents told by some drunk relative, not running after the newest hot ticket item that will be obsolete in 2 months.  Stay home!  Eat pie!  Enjoy the family because they won’t be around forever, stuff will always be there, family will not and really, what is important – stuff or the ones you love?

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