I started my blog five years ago to help me keep track of projects ideas and other ramblings.  Four years ago I wanted the domain name sadly the day I finally got around to purchasing it, it had been purchased two days prior.  Every year I check just to see if it is available and finally today it was available.  I finally own it! 

Why is this a big deal when I never write anymore?  I know but I have been AJ’s Arts since 1993 and I do have good reason why I haven’t written, working full time and back in school.  I admit I am not the biggest fan of accounting.  I sadly haven’t been crafty but I have turned to gardening.  Why?  My best garden ever was when I worked at a hotel. Did I mention we are getting a new fence?  Oh yes one of those outlast everything fences (i.e. vinyl).  I do plan on working on some items, maybe doing a post a month.  Tutorials do take a while so I am not sure how that will go.  I have 398 days until I graduate but who is counting?

Until next time… one more thing I have been active on Twitter recently, you guessed it ajsarts is my Twitter Account.

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