Day 15

I have made it 15 days and today I finally did this thing called a walking push up.  It was hell, I can’t even describe how awful they are but I managed to do a full push up from the toes not the knees.  I have always had problems with push ups because my shoulder has a tendency to pop out of socket.  An old injury that involved me tripping over one of my brother’s toys, falling onto the ottoman and then landing on my shoulder.  I spent three weeks in a sling and had a month of physical therapy, however that should has never been the same.  I am slowly building up the strength in the shoulder so I can actually do a push up.

Since I haven’t shared a picture of myself after my workout in a while – here you are:

Look I am sort of smiling...

Look I am sort of smiling…

I think the smiling is more of a thank, god it is over kind of thing.  I am really dreading Level 3, I don’t plan on starting that until my next couple of days off, just to ensure that I am no going to die.  It is working as much as I hate to admit it.

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