Day 16

So today I really thought tears were going to happen, my arms feel like they weighed 1,000 pounds each.  You wouldn’t think 3 pound weights would make a grown woman cry, but 16 days worth of 3 pound weights almost did.  I will say I am far less sore after a ten and a half hour shift than I have been in the past.  Not sure if my body is in a state of confusion or if it really is working.  My clothes fit so much better, I know it is working.  I am hungry, like really hungry – almost to pregnancy level, I say almost because I wouldn’t burst into tears over leftover spaghetti being consumed by another.  I find the level of hunger interesting and I do try to consume enough calories but it is really damn hard.  It isn’t like I sit at a desk where no one can see me.  For heaven’s sake I had to beg for a damn water bottle at my desk – I talk a lot and without water it would be bad.

Other random things I have noticed… my arms are very noticeable through my suit jackets.  My calf muscles look amazing – I mean a pair of heels would make them look even better.  My waist is getting smaller as well – I am thrilled.  Now if I could only get the backside to work that nicely it would be great.  There you have it day 16 almost made me cry like a baby.

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