I am finished!

It has been a long two years, lack of sleep, lots of reading, lots and lots of writing and I am happy to report only two breakdowns, (one revolved around accounting and the other was Human Biology) and I am a college graduate.  I graduated with High Honors (Summa Cum Laude) and was invited to join Delta Mu Delta (an International Business Honors Society).  I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Science (still weird how they separate those degrees) with a concentration in Business Administration and Marketing.  How does it feel?  Weird, I haven’t been able to do anything for two years without planning around homework and now I am “free!”

Jeff has been incredible throughout this hair brained journey I embarked on.  I decided to start school at the same exact time of starting a brand new job.  Jeff took over doing the household chores, cooking, dishes, getting kids ready for bed, story-time and I went to work and did homework, almost everyday for two years.  He also kept me sane and was my biggest supporter.  He encouraged me when I wanted to stop, even though I could tell he was really worried about me.  I cannot have done this without him and I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive husband as he is.

My Official Transcripts came in the mail this week, it was an instant mood booster and trust me I needed that after the day I had at work.  I asked Jeff if I could frame the transcript and he said I will be getting a real diploma and we can frame that, if I wanted to I could frame the transcript.  I might do that frame the transcript because a 3.964 is somethings that should be displayed.

I started exercising again as in started, I started this morning.  I lost my motivation and haven’t quite found it but I need to do something because I feel like a slug.  So I am hoping that this will give me the motivation I need.  Maybe if I talk about it and tell people about it I will be more motivated to do something.  I know I feel better, I know my clothes will fit, and recently that has not been enough.  I am hoping that by posting it and talking about it I will get motivated.  Have I gained weight?  Yes around 35 pounds.  Am I happy about it?  Nope but if I don’t do anything how can I complain?  So I am starting again to get back where I was two years ago.  It is not an easy journey and I know there is always the fear of gaining everything back.  So there you have it, I am trying it again and I will try it again and again until it works.  Here is hoping it works!

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