An Unexpected Guest…

I have made no secret that I have have worked in hospitality for several years, okay close to twenty.  I also have made it no secret on my displeasure of our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, we have.  There is green beer, green grits, green Jell-o shots and anything else you can possible think is green.  People come from all over the world to participate in our parade and celebration.  Every year I have joked, I wish they would cancel it.  Well this year my wish was finally granted.  The 196th St. Patrick’s Day Parade and celebration has been cancelled.  I am shocked and truly heartbroken, by this.  The wristbands are no longer, the parade will not be going through our city, everything is still green but it feels like there has been a death in everyone’s family.  The people who go to the parade are devastated, the people like me are in a state of shock not knowing what will  happen to places I love.  Will those businesses be able to make it with no St. Patrick’s Day?  Will people still travel? Will Savannah survive this?  We rely so much on the tourism industry, we rely on people to come and visit.

I understand completely why everything has been cancelled, I personally still think people will come, tomorrow will be the day to see if they will come.  The city is eerily quiet, I sat in one of the squares today for lunch and I had flashbacks to Hurricane Matthew on how quiet it was.  It really isn’t this weekend that scares me, there are still people who are going to come and party.  I am worried about the rest of March, April and May, Savannah’s busiest time of year.  SCAD has already cancelled their famed Sidewalk Arts Festival and their Commencement Ceremony, on-line classes until Summer Quarter.  I am concerned about the families who don’t have childcare and need to work, if school gets cancelled for three weeks.  I am concerned about the kids who don’t have WiFi and computers to log in from home or the kids who rely on the schools for two of their three meals a day.  We are not to that point, however I feel it is coming.

I wonder like so many, how are my bills going to get paid.  I mean no travel, no tourists, hotel is not making money, my hours get cut.  No school, no income from there, who is going to pay my mortgage, my water bill, etc.  The bank doesn’t take the oh I am sorry, my hours have been cut because of the COVID-19, they want their money.  The response at Federal Level has been laughable at best.  I don’t think anyone could have written a poorer response.  This is not a political issue, this is a public health crisis and we are failing miserably.


What I need for my job this weekend…

Right now, is the only time when throwing paper towels or toilet paper at someone would be acceptable, if one could find toilet paper.  Why, because there is none, the shelves are empty.  I don’t understand this at all, why are people hoarding toilet paper?  Hand Sanitizer, I kind of get, people are gross (trust me).  Lysol, I get that too, once again people are gross.  Hand Soap, what are you going to do with 6 gallons of hand soap and a case of bar soap?  Seriously, this only works if everyone is washing their hands, using sanitizer and have access to toilet paper.

I don’t know what will happen, I do know people are losing their ever loving minds.  My advice: Stay calm, buy only what you need in toilet paper, clean your house, and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!


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