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Go Big or Go Home…

Go Big or Go Home…

I remember many, many years ago an artist telling me I painted too big and no one would want a huge painting in their house. At the time I painted 18×20 and larger. I was crushed because I respected this artist and really wanted to be like this artist. This artist never painted anything bigger … Continue reading

Sometimes You Get Bamboozled

I consider myself a person with a good head on her shoulders. Can point out a fraudster almost immediately, I have worked in hospitality for over 20 years and you get good at this. I have over the years helped catch a Travelers Check scheme, credit card fraud, and numerous fake bills. I would say … Continue reading

Grandma’s Zoom Meeting

I thought long and hard about the title for this post, I mean Funeral Zoom (sounded a little depressing) was what it was named, then I thought why not title it a Zoom Meeting because I have a tendency to go off on tangents (like most Zoom Meetings). I am sitting here typing waiting for … Continue reading

Saying Good-Bye in a Pandemic

Saying Good-Bye in a Pandemic

There are many things outside of a global pandemic that have really made 2020 be like damn, what the hell man?  My Grandma Helen passed in January before I made it home, I unfortunately was not able to change my plane tickets and I was in the process of starting a new job.  I worked … Continue reading

A New Normal…

Many things can be said of this new normal, the thing that sticks with me the most is the lack of touching. No hugs (I miss hugs – I am a hugger), nobody wants paper maps or brochures and people will steal hand sanitizer (not lying on this one – liquid gold, I tell you) … Continue reading

Back to Work…

Well sort of. I received a call from one of the local tour companies asking if I wanted to help them out a couple days a week. I figured why not as long as I still qualify for unemployment I will do it. So this week coming up I am working a couple days. I … Continue reading

I’m Tired…

I am sure many people are saying this right now. Yes, I live in a state that is “opened” that doesn’t mean I am going to the Tattoo parlor or getting my nails done or my hair for that matter. I am staying put and I will say my patiences are non-existence. Everyone is bored, … Continue reading


As my last blog post stated our Governor decided to start reopening Georgia. There was no scientific evidence to support this action. Considering we have only tested 1% of our population, I feel this is way too soon. Yes, I want to go back to my job and my life outside of my house as … Continue reading

So Many Things

I guess I don’t understand the anger about staying home. I mean you pay for this place every month but you barely spend time there. Now you are actually getting the money out of your investment. I get it you want to paint and fix it up but you can’t. You want to start seeds … Continue reading