Mini Bottle Piñata – Birthday Gift

Let’s face it 2020 has sucked the royal big one. I personally lost both of my grandmothers, my dream job and missed numerous other things because of a global pandemic. However, this is nothing compared to my BFF, she would like to burn all of 2020 down to the ground and dance on the ashes. I wanted to do something that would make her laugh and let her know I was thinking about her. It is also her 40th birthday this year so I decided to get crafty (only kinda crafty because I didn’t make anything).

Meet Rex – Rex is a piñata (I did not make Rex, I bought him at Walmart)
Rex’s note – I did make the note with a disclaimer of course
Mini bottles – I guessed 10 would fit in Rex
I fit all 10 in there (yes this was in my car in the parking lot of the liquor store, I wanted to make sure I had enough)

I admit I found this idea online it was a Facebook ad of all things. I wasn’t paying $120 for a piñata with 10 mini bottles and 12 pieces of candy. I wanted to do a variety of liquor in the piñata. I did not put any candy in the piñata only booze. My makeshift birthday piñata was a huge hit and completely made my best friend’s birthday.

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