A Time to Heal…

After a very long week, we finally know who is going to be the next President of the United States, President-Elect Joe Biden. I personally didn’t think it would happen, I had seriously doubts and much anxiety over the counting. It didn’t matter to me Joe was winning, it was the 70 million people who voted for Trump.

70 million people, voted for a man who cheated on all three of his wives, lied over 22,000 times in four years, was impeached, had four bankruptcies, only paid $750 in taxes, had five deferments during Vietnam, mocked people with disabilities, made fun of a war hero, ridiculed Gold Star parents, praised Nazis, praised white supremacists and is still trying to destroy democracy. Man that was a long sentence and the sad thing, it is all true. How, how is this even possible? How can someone support this man? I have asked my family and friends who voted and supported him and no one can give me an answer. I get well he has done good things. My response is WHAT? Oh you know the new tax law. You mean the new tax law which I can’t itemized, my work clothes, dinners, or networking events any more and will be paying more in taxes in 2027 than I ever have. The silence is deafening. They come back with he did a good job with COVID. WHAT?!?!?! Are you insane?!?! He killed 235,000 plus that isn’t a good job. They comeback with well he didn’t kill them they would have died anyways. Really?!?!?! If a Democrat would have President through all of this it would have been an onslaught of – they aren’t doing enough, they are killing people. I seriously don’t understand the double standards with this issue. Whatever happened to “The Buck Stops Here?” If you are President it is your responsibility to your citizens to keep them safe Donald Trump has failed us miserably.

I have been told to give them time (Trump supporters) to accept the loss. Fuck that (yes my blog – I can swear if I want)! I had to live with the loss in 2000. When my candidate won when I went to bed, I woke up with the other guy winning and becoming President. A loss that still puts me on edge with all the court cases currently happening. In 2016 when my candidate won the popular vote by over 3 million votes, I was told I had to get over it because she didn’t win in the Electoral College. In 2020, my candidate won the popular vote and the Electoral College, so this oh give them a minute shit needs to stop. As my granny would say, “Suck it up, buttercup!”

I want to go back to character for a moment. Would you seriously, in all honesty want Donald Trump as a co-worker or hire him? If your child acted like Donald Trump would you put up with that or beat their ass (modern day equivalent taking away all electronics and changing the WiFi password)? If you can answer yes to either of those questions, this is not the blog for you. I want my children to grow up respecting the President of the United States. I remember one time Booga got in trouble at school for telling a lie. I got the call, I immediately sat him down and the first words out of his mouth, “The President does it, why can’t I?” I looked at him and said, “I didn’t raise you to be like the President, I want you to be better than him. I want you to be honest, kind, trustworthy and show empathy to your fellow human beings. Lies lessen you as a person, your friends will not defend you when you are not there.” I never thought I would ever say, I don’t want you to emulate the President. I would never want either child to emulate anyone in Trump’s family.

Joe Biden is not perfect and no Democrat is claiming he is the second coming. Joe Biden shows empathy, he knows what it is like to have his heart shattered into a million pieces more than once. Someone who has been through that much tragedy knows there are two paths, you can be alone, narcissistic and bitter or you can be kind, show empathy and be an inspiration for others. He chose to be an inspiration for others, I truly believe he cares. He very well could be faking it, if he is he is doing one helluva job.

Kamala Harris the first woman and person of color to be Vice President. I can now tell my daughter, yes this is possible. You vote and you can vote for someone like you, a woman! I had dinner with a dear friend last night (the first time in 8 months) we chatted about everything. I told her I want to be in DC on Inauguration Day, I want to take my daughter because this is so damn important. Full disclosure, I hate crowds and will probably not be going, however I will have several bottles of really good champagne for the occasion. It is the fact the thought has crossed my mind is amazing. I helped make history, I was a Poll Worker in the biggest election of my lifetime and I helped elect a female VP, shows how far we have come in 100 years.

The damage of the past four years was evident when the whole world celebrated Donald Trump’s loss. Seriously it looked like the scene in Return of the Jedi after the Death Star blew up – Yub-Nub! There was more of a celebration than after Obama won. This will not be easy with the road blocks Trump’s enablers are putting up. I do have to stop to acknowledge The Four Seasons Lawn Care stunt in Philadelphia. Oh we have a press conference at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, not that Four Seasons the Lawn Care place across from the crematorium and next to the porn shop. Does that fuck up not represent the past four years? My heart does go out to the staff at the Philadelphia Four Seasons because you know they had to put up with some stupid shit. I mean they put it on Twitter nothing was happening there.

I also want to point out how fucked up businesses and unions are reacting to Biden’s win. Keep in mind the plan Biden has for renewable energy does not fully take effect until 2050 it is a plan and with a Republican Senate this will not happen – I will be in my 70s if I am lucky to live that long. My brother is a boilermaker, he works mostly on coal fire power plants. He was told two of the plants are shutting down and his union told him don’t expect work because of this win. Now maybe it is me but that is fucking bull shit, hell the man hasn’t even took office yet and you are shutting shit down. Ridiculous, give the man a chance, see the plans before you do shit like this. I work in an industry that has become completely decimated by a Global Pandemic because of a narcissistic President who doesn’t believe in science. I know several people who still don’t have jobs and I am working the front desk three days a week so I can pay my bills. I personally don’t see a recovery until at least March. Talking with my boss about the rebound I asked what he thought. He said six months after a vaccine we will get back to a semi-normal. He believes the masks will be with us for a while, the new norm: No Shirts, Shoes or Masks – No Service. I agree with him on that it will be a longer time before the masks go the way of the dinosaurs. December and January are going to be very bleak here. We need help, instead the Senate decided to ram through a SCOTUS of the United States.

This post was supposed to be about healing however, in order to heal Trump needs to concede instead of acting like a two year old who did get his way. His enablers need to stop, Fox News, prominent Republicans and his family need to tell him to concede. There was no voter fraud, in order for us to move on as a Nation we need him to concede. I personally want that because it is tradition. I also want the Presidential Letter a tradition that started with George H. W. Bush. I even want Trump to show up at the Inauguration because it is tradition. I miss the traditions (the art, the music and the way the Rose Garden looked four years ago) I know these traditions will no longer be affiliated with the Presidency because we have a self-centered, narcissistic, doofus currently in office. It will be a long road to heal the Nation’s wounds, we can do it, we have done it many times before. We all need to “Talk less and smile more” to get through this difficult time in out Nation’s history.

I again apologize for the vulgarity in this blog post, I feel it needed to be said.

Saturday night, I stopped by the liquor store for a bottle of champagne. It was finally over.

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