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To-Do List… Why do you mulitply?

Last night I received a phone call from a mutual friend, who is a book publisher, to see if I would be willing to design a cover for a book.  I was extremely excited and asked what the catch was?  The catch was that they needed it by today.  She had two artist flake out … Continue reading

Digital Scrapbooking Elements…

Yesterday I went through and made several PNG files for digital scrapbooking. I also decided to try my hand at uploading them and adding them to my blog so they will be available for everyone to download. The first is a blue clothes pin that was used for decoration for my baby shower. I turned … Continue reading

Digital Scrapbooking… My New BFF

After experimenting last night with digital scrapbooking I LOVE it! I love it so much that I was lying awake last night thinking about all the cool things I could scan in and turn into scrapbooking elements. The possiblities are endless, especially since I have an awesome scanner and Adobe Fireworks. My first attempt at … Continue reading