To-Do List… Why do you mulitply?

Last night I received a phone call from a mutual friend, who is a book publisher, to see if I would be willing to design a cover for a book.  I was extremely excited and asked what the catch was?  The catch was that they needed it by today.  She had two artist flake out on her (this drives me nuts!  If you can’t do it don’t agree to it!  There are always people out there who would be willing to do it.  It will save a lot of time and aggravation for all involved!) and needed something that didn’t look thrown together or poorly Photoshopped.  I laughed and said I will see what I can do.  In two hours I submitted something, I wish I had more time but I think giving the time frame (and the very pixelated photo I needed to incorporate into the piece) I didn’t do a bad job and now just waiting to hear what the author says.  I have a feeling this might lead to more opportunities in my future (Happy Dance!  Getting paid is always a good thing – lol!)

Things I am working on and plan on finishing this week (keeping my fingers crossed!)

My new butterfly painting 75% done
Finishing Ornaments… Anyone want to sand them for me? 

My son’s felt playhouse.  I am slowly making progress I decided to hand sew as much as possible.  I am absolutely crazy, I have essentially embroidered the entire map of the USA for this project.  Not to mention the clocks and signs I am currently working on.  Very labor intensive project but I think it will be a hit for years to come!

Christmas Cards… Lots and lots of Christmas Cards.  No pictures yet because I only have a handful done.  My daughter has Thursday and Friday off of school so I am hoping to get all the Christmas Cards done then.  I am attaching “recycled ornaments” to the front of the card so all of our friends and family get a Christmas Ornament made by my daughter.  I really hope this works!

Christmas Present list for the family.  I need to figure out what I am making for them, especially since I need to ship everything up north (no glass this year).  I see a lot of wood burning in my future (my poor fingers).

I also want to redo my Cake Page on my blog but that might have to wait until after the Holidays.  I also want to do more tutorials and if Santa gets me my Web Cam (*hint *hint – to my wonderful husband) I might do a couple of video demos for the blog (fun).

So expect to see lots of Holiday stuff in the next couple of weeks!  I am so excited for Christmas this year!

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