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Felt Doctor’s Kit

So this is still in the baby stage but Jillian really loves to play doctor and does not have a Doctor’s Kit, so I have decided to make one. I did look on Etsy for some ideas then I just decided to wing it and make my own (I have a ton of felt.) I … Continue reading

Happy Easter…

The Easter Bunny made his stop last night and left footprints behind. I wanted Easter to be memorable for Jillian especially since she hasn’t been feeling good (a bad sinus infection.) I had an idea to make bunny prints (Baking Soda and a stencil) in front of Jillian’s basket and in front of her door. … Continue reading

Easter Pictures

Well today we went and saw the Easter Bunny still creepy as always, but the kids really liked it. Booga is wearing the outfit Jeff wore when he was 6 months old. I also love the fact that my daughter and the Booga are making the same exact face. I am a little disappointed in … Continue reading

JELL-O Jelly Beans

Several years ago when I was a poor college student I found myself away from home on Easter but I wanted to do something fun for my friends and I. So I went to the store and found a JELL-O Jelly Bean Tray and bought it so I could make JELL-O shaped like Jelly Beans. … Continue reading

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Well this is Booga’s first Easter and I really wanted him to have his very own Chocolate Easter Bunny but he is only 6 months old. I found another blog Raised by Wolfesand she had a great idea create a “chocolate bunny” out of brown felt. I had to make one for my little man. … Continue reading