Happy Easter…

The Easter Bunny made his stop last night and left footprints behind. I wanted Easter to be memorable for Jillian especially since she hasn’t been feeling good (a bad sinus infection.) I had an idea to make bunny prints (Baking Soda and a stencil) in front of Jillian’s basket and in front of her door. The prints were a huge hit and she has told several people about them (grandparents). She also loved the bunnies (she had Vincent’s bunny this morning before she realized she had her own.)

Jillian Basket with Bunny Prints
Bunny Prints

Vincent’s Basket

Bunny Prints outside Jillian’s bedroom door

Vincent eating his bunny

Jillian giving her bunny a hug!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Now to go outside and play Baseball, it is opening day after all!

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