50s Day – Poodle Skirt and Saddle Shoes How To

Tuesday is the 50th Day of School so the Kindergarten Class is going to a 1950s style Sock Hop.  My daughter thought a poodle skirt complete with a pink scarf and a dice bracelet would be fantastic.  I am going to show the poodle skirt, saddle shoes, scarf and the poodle shirt on this post.  The bracelet is tomorrow’s post.

 First I would like to state the skirt was going to be blue but I had “help” while cutting the blue felt and did not make the skirt big enough.
 Try #2 Pink Felt.  This was felt that my grandmother had left over from a Poodle Skirt she made for my mom.  Yes this felt is “vintage” and was stored in my grandma’s basement for that long.  The felt came in a box last month knowing it was bought for a poodle skirt I thought it was pretty cool it was finally being used to make one.
 Skirt is cut out and fits!  YAY!
 Poodle  – I found the template online and traced it, I did add the paws it had no feet.
 I added a cotton ball to make the Poodle Fluffy.  The leash is black yarn glued to the felt with Aleene’s® Fast Grab Tacky Glue.

 Poodle Fluff Glued with Aleene’s® Fast Grab Tacky Glue.
 Ready for the black belt.  I used Sugar Plum Sickles for the glitter on the Poodle.
 Me sewing the belt.  I added elastic and sewed it to the skirt.
Poodle Applique:
I got this idea from Leslie who made Duct Tape Shirts for her children .  I thought it would work great for the shirt.
 Layered Duct Tape for the applique for the shirt.  I wanted it to be removable so I placed the Duct Tape on a piece of Clear Plastic (acetate).
 I traced the poodle onto the Duct Tape.
 Colored the poodle in.
 Cut the poodle out and carefully peeled the Duct Tape off the acetate.
 I placed the poodle on a plain polo shirt.
 The complete outfit.
Saddle Shoes:
I realized she needed saddle shoes as well.  I went out to the garage and grabbed an old pair of tennis shoes.
 I pulled the laces out.
 Painted the shoes white
 Added the “saddle” lines with a black marker.
 Paint the shoe black added the white dots with the tip of a paint brush.  I also painted the soles with Raw Sienna paint.
 Shoes finished!

I also needed a Scarf for her hair.  I pulled apart a Dollar Store Skirt for the pretty silky fabric underneath.
 The skirt.
 The fabric I wanted.  Using a seam ripper this took a while but well worth it.
Finished Product:
 The finished product!  My husband said once she got to school and saw others in their skirts she was much happier, she dressed up.
I hope y’all are inspired to make your own poodle skirt and 50s style shoes!  This project literally cost NOTHING – I had everything on hand.  Thanks for stopping to check out my 50s outfit!

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