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Okay so it is Saturday morning and I am absolutely giddy not only because my husband has the day off but I get to go to the Dollar Store!  I hate shopping with a passion (clothes, shoes, purses, etc.) but I love the Dollar Store!  My daughter is going to join me and we are … Continue reading

Hmmm…. Homemade Clay (Paper Clay)

So I have been experimenting with different homemade clays because I really want to make paper clay.  I know paper clay is reasonable but the thought of driving to Michael’s makes my head hurt.  I also don’t want to order it because I will be really mad if I don’t like it. So I Googled … Continue reading

Blog Redesign…

I am just letting everyone know that I am in the process of (learning how to) redesign my blog. I plan on making it sleeker and a little less ummm… what is the word chaotic (mess).  My blog is a mess and I am well aware of this fact so I plan on redesigning it … Continue reading

My Blog is Carbon Neutral…

Considering I have been spending quite a bit of time on my blog lately, I figured I would so something to help the environment while I’m at it. There are many small things that we can all do to make our homes and our lives more environmentally friendly. “Unless someone like you cares a whole … Continue reading