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The Magic of Photoshop, Facebook and Copyrights

There are many tools at an artists disposal these days.  One is the Wonderful World of Photoshop when it is done correctly.  Seriously, a bad Photoshopping job can be spotted a mile away.  I spend hours sometimes even days on Photoshopping items, primarily because I don’t want people to know I Photoshopped it.  A sign … Continue reading

My Indoor Garden Experiment

I love to garden it is relaxing and makes me feel good that I can grow food for my family (and flowers for myself).  The flip side is I kill every plant I bring inside my house.  Seriously my house is a DEAD ZONE, I have killed so many house plants and I have no … Continue reading

The Countdown Begins…

I know everyone is expecting this post to be about Super Bowl Sunday but it isn’t.  I am excited for the Super Bowl don’t get me wrong but I am even more excited about getting a MAC!  That is right I am getting a MAC – Refurbished iMac 21.5-inch 3.2GHz Intel Core i3 processor.  So … Continue reading

Mad Scientist Mode… Homemade Plaster Casting Stuff

Every now and then I get into mad scientist mode (insert evil laugh here).  I have officially entered Mad Scientist Mode.  It started with the Homemade Paper Clay, Homemade Glimmer Mist, the Stamp Pads, the Gesso, I have moved onto alcohol inks (I plan on trying tomorrow) and now plaster casting stuff.I’m not sure why … Continue reading

Yesterday’s List with Progress

Giraffe Ornament – still needs eyes, nose and a hanger  FINISHED!!!! Felt Play Tent – making progress but almost at a stand still until I get the card table.  We are getting the table today so I should make more progress this weekend. Grandma Presents – I am wood burning frames 1 is still in … Continue reading

Trying Something New…

So I use Windows Live to help organize certain pages (the Blogs I Frequent Page!) I like it for the most part.  I decided to start writing my blog post in Windows Live and see how well it works.  I am not knocking Blogger but I just want to try something different.One of the reason … Continue reading

Etsy Treasuries

In the past week I have had my work featured in several treasuries.  If you have a moment and are looking for some fantastic Christmas Gifts that have proceeds going to a good cause, check out these great Treasuries!

Ornaments Almost Finished!

So I have been a busy little monster (elf seems so obvious)… I have been painting, painting, painting and painting today.  The pictures aren’t the best I took them with my cell phone – I am going to do everything at once tomorrow. Star Ornament – 50% goes to The Trevor Project.  The ornament is … Continue reading