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The Paint Box–Ink Wash

Today on The Paint Box I will be demoing how to do an Ink Wash Painting.  In hindsight I should have taught this technique first but with the difficultly of the ink I decided to teach it after I taught basic techniques. One of the keys to a good ink wash painting is finding a … Continue reading

Watercolor Aids, Tools and Techniques…

Have you ever wondered how some watercolor artists get these cool techniques or “texture” in their paintings?  Look no further than your kitchen pantry or your medicine cabinet. Salt (table or Rock) can be added to a wet background to give the effect of snow or texture in a field of wild flowers. Rubbing Alcohol … Continue reading

Up-Cycled Travel Watercolor Case

Up-Cycled Travel Watercolor Case

The Booga was going through one of the desk drawers yesterday when he pulled out a Mac Zip Disk.  Besides the fact I laughed knowing I will never get everything off of that disk; I realized how thick the case was and I thought wow, I could so do something with that.  I thought and … Continue reading

Watercolor Basics: All About Paper

Learning about paper is about as exciting as watching paint dry but it is a necessary evil when learning about watercolors. First thing to address is Paper Weight.  Paper weight determines the price of the paper and the thickness of the paper.  Think of it this way the thicker the paper the thinner your wallet. … Continue reading

My Homemade Gesso Recipe

I love Gesso and usually have Gesso (lots of Gesso) around but for some reason I have depleted my back log of Gesso and found myself in quite a bind.  I need Gesso but Gesso is really expensive but a necessary expense in the art world.  I have been out of gesso for a while … Continue reading

Watercolor Basics: Help, I Don’t Have…

Since my first Web TV show last Thursday I have gotten several emails saying, “I think it is great that you are painting with cheap watercolors but I don’t want to or I can’t buy anything new (I completely understand both sides of that statement).  Is there anything I can use?  I have craft paint, … Continue reading