The Paint Box – with Special Guest Bubble Prints!

So yesterday on the Paint Box my daughter helped me demo Bubble Prints.  It was extremely fun watching her ham it up for the camera.  To catch the replay of the Bubble Prints Episode – Click Here!

How to make Bubble Prints –
1 Cup Bubble Solution (it can be homemade)
1/2 Cup Tempera Paint (I used acrylic paint and used 1/8 cup Dial Soap and 3 – 1/8 cups of Acrylic Craft Paint.  1:3 ratio)
Aluminum Pin Tin or  Take Out Box (I used that) It can be anything flat I did try it with ridges and it didn’t work.
Thin Paper (like copy paper)

Pour the Bubble Solution and the paint together in the Pin Tin or Take Out Box.  Mix together with straw.  Once the substance is completely mixed blow bubbles.  Once the bubbles are piled high lay the paper on top of the bubbles.

It is a little messy so I strongly recommend covering your work surface.

Once again having scanner problems so I promise I will try and get some photos of this project soon.  If you are curious the far left and far right hand side of my blog is an example of bubble printing.

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