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COVID & I am going to Brazil in 12 days…

After 2 1/2 years of avoiding COVID this past week it finally happened. I and my daughter tested positive for COVID. She woke up last Monday she said she didn’t feel good and was very tired. I made her take a COVID test – negative. She sleeps the whole day. Tuesday she feels much better … Continue reading

Not, Going to Miss My Shot!

I first want to apologize to Lin-Manuel Miranda for using that line (I love Hamilton!) Anyways, Tuesday night it happened I received my first COVID vaccine on Tuesday. I received the Pzifer shot. How you ask? I am obese. As hard as I have been busting my ass, working out, I gained 8 pounds making … Continue reading

Why? Why is this so hard?

Why? Why is this so hard?

I really do try to keep non-art stuff off my blog, however 2020 has thrown that like so many things out the window. I have been working behind the front desk since September, I now remember why I left the operation side of hotels and vowed never to return. The front desk is hard, people … Continue reading