COVID & I am going to Brazil in 12 days…

After 2 1/2 years of avoiding COVID this past week it finally happened. I and my daughter tested positive for COVID. She woke up last Monday she said she didn’t feel good and was very tired. I made her take a COVID test – negative. She sleeps the whole day. Tuesday she feels much better but she wanted to stay home just in case. I am glad she did we talked about my upcoming trip to Brazil (more to come on that in a moment). She is a little nervous. I responded, I fly all the time. Her response I am not worried about that I am worried that you will be in a foreign country. I reassured her I will be fine, I have done everything you need to do to let people of importance know I am in country. It was a great talk and is probably how I ended up catching COVID. Wednesday, I went to work I was fine and she went back to school (she tested negative for COVID). Thursday morning I woke up and felt like death, I have never been so tired in my life. I did the unthinkable thing and called out of work. I then slept for 18 hours. I took a COVID test – negative. I woke up the next day feeling much better not 100% but much better, took another COVID test – negative. I went to work, I thought my allergies were just kicking my butt. This is also the time of year (according to Facebook) that I get “The Crud” so that is exactly what I thought it was. I go to work, work 8 hours and go home – I get home and I am tired again. I take another COVID test – positive. I also make my daughter take one – also positive. So we have been home in our respective rooms staying away from Booga and Jeff. I am hopeful that it has passed them both however Booga is saying he is tired and doesn’t feel well. Which means 5 days home from school if he is positive.

I don’t think it has affected me that much, I know food isn’t as flavorful – I still have my taste but not all of it if that makes sense. I also have a cough which is just annoying. Today my runny nose has finally stopped and I cleaned the whole house (Day 4). I have my normal two days off this week and then I do a straight shot through to the 26th of August the day I leave for Brazil.

I know why are you going to Brazil? I am attending the Pan American Congress for Les Clefs d‘Or. I was formally invited to join the organization in June and my place of employment agreed to send me to Brazil. I am going to Rio de Janeiro in 12 days. Rio has been on my bucket list for a very long time and I am so excited I get to see part of the Rain Forrest. I have been practicing Portugueses and I can ask basic questions. I think I know more sayings than I give myself credit for. I will try to write when I am in Brazil so I can keep a day by day journal of my experience. I definitely don’t want to ever forget this experience. I am also trying to pack as light as humanly possible. I think I might have almost everything I need into a carry-on (thank you compression bags). I still have some creative packing to work through, I mean I have to take a formal dress. I am literally going to need to put each outfit out and see if I have enough clothes. If not looks like the big suitcase will be coming with. The nice thing with only taking a carryon. When I come back I can check it at the gate so then I can go see the Texas School Book Depository Building in Dallas on the way back home. You give me 10 hours in Dallas – damn straight I am going to the Grassy Knoll. Yes I already have my tickets for the museum. So excited!

That is pretty much everything in a nutshell recovering from COVID and getting ready for a very cool adventure to Brazil!

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