Not, Going to Miss My Shot!

I first want to apologize to Lin-Manuel Miranda for using that line (I love Hamilton!)

Anyways, Tuesday night it happened I received my first COVID vaccine on Tuesday. I received the Pzifer shot. How you ask? I am obese. As hard as I have been busting my ass, working out, I gained 8 pounds making me 202 pounds. I am 5’6” and 202 pounds, my BMI is 32.1 according to the CDC, I am obese. Yay! I qualify for my COVID shot (whatever it takes!) I wasn’t even mad or ashamed of the fact I am obese. I have been telling everyone, they say if you qualify then I definitely qualify. I want people to get vaccinated so we can all move on with our lives! I want to go back to my concierge desk full time very soon, I miss it so much.

The most common question I have been asked: Does it hurt? It did not, the flu shot this past year messed me up far worse than the first dose of the COVID shot. My arm with the flu shot hurt for two weeks, I also had a huge knot for 4 days after receiving it. COVID shot 1 – a little sore day 1, day 2 I was able to exercise today (not as crazy as a Jillian Michaels workout but I did it). Someone actually asked me if my WiFi was better – lol. Not yet maybe that comes with the second shot.

One of my friends replied “M” – I replied “M” means Marvelous!

If you want to help the greater good the best thing you can do is become vaccinated! I am very much looking forward to my second shot and becoming fully vaccinated. I will still wear my mask, however I am sleeping much better knowing I am almost vaccinated!

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