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A Disturbance in the Force…

The past two months have been hell at work, I would argue some of the worst months in my whole career. The hours have been crazy long, the people have been horrible, being bothered on my days off, having my days split because no staff, working 8 days straight takes a toll on a person. … Continue reading

Another Exercise Post

WARNING: If you don’t want to hear me complain about exercise (and work) just skip this post. Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, Dear God, I hate exercising but I like to eat (and eat crap) so I need to do it. The catalyst for me was reading more about Parkinson’s Disease … Continue reading

I Finally Did It…

I bought an iPad, I have been talking about it for years and I couldn’t do it. The cost was really the main reason, I just couldn’t stomach it. With virtual learning, the kids are always on the computer, meaning I can’t do anything on Photoshop. I couldn’t take the photos I have and transfer … Continue reading

The Five Stages of Grief…

The Five Stages of Grief…

The past week has felt like a death in everyone’s family.  196 Year Tradition was given the ax because of an invisible microbe invading everywhere.  I admit I do wish it was zombies at least with zombies, I know how to defeat them and I have a plan (no judging I have a zombie apocalypse … Continue reading

A Time For Change

Several years ago I found myself in a job I hated and absolutely miserable. I cried everyday on my drive home from work, I was actually contemplating serious surgery so I wouldn’t have to work in that environment. This job literally almost killed me, I suffered heat stroke on 4th of July, I left work … Continue reading

Busy, Busy , Busy

Busy, Busy , Busy

Well there have been several developments in the recent weeks the biggest one is I am a full fledged member of the National Concierge Association.  After several weeks of getting everything and waiting I am a part of a wonderful organization.  I have two years till I can apply for Les Clef D’or, which is … Continue reading