Another Exercise Post

WARNING: If you don’t want to hear me complain about exercise (and work) just skip this post.

Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, Dear God, I hate exercising but I like to eat (and eat crap) so I need to do it. The catalyst for me was reading more about Parkinson’s Disease and the suggestion of at least 90 minutes of exercise a week is something I have been doing since late December. I admit, Parkinson’s scares me since I am an artist and paint some pretty detailed paintings. I also was informed I am at risk for Macular Degeneration, which means I can go blind (for the record I have not been diagnosed with this but it runs in the family). I need to start taking ocular vitamins (holy crap they are crazy expensive). Besides not being able to fit into my clothes and my headaches started again, I decided to start exercising.

I admit I started with YouTube, (please don’t think this is a knock against YouTube Trainers because there are several amazing trainers – I do these on days I don’t feel like Jillian Michaels) but I needed Jillian Michaels to kick my ass. I got through the 30 Day Shred at my own pace (3-5 days a week not every day with her kicking my ass, I would go to YouTube Trainers to fill in). I also bought No More Trouble Zones – NMTZ (you want a kick your ass workout this is it) to change it up from the Shred. I also have her 10 Minute Video (it made me cry – so I am not a fan of the butt one). NMTZ It is not easy, it was crazy hard, I felt amazing afterwards – I didn’t cry or die, so that was bonus. I wanted to purchase more Jillian Michaels Streaming Videos but I could only get the on something called FitFusion. I did balk at purchasing another streaming service, I mean we have like five, but I really wanted to be able to access all of Jillian Michaels Workouts, this was the only way.

I mentioned it to the hubby about wanting to access more of exercise routines by Jillian Michaels, the only way was FitFusion. He said do it, you like her videos, you keep buying them might as well have the whole library. I admit I was hesitant, I mean I am paying to have her kick my ass, really? Then I thought of a gym membership, I hate exercising with people (especially now) and this would be cheaper. Today I took the plunge, I signed up for the free trial and plan on keeping it for a little while. They have meditation, Pilates, pretty much everything. Today I did 6 Week Abs, a routine I have been wanting to try for years, it was so hard, definitely not your beginner routine. I had to stop several times because it was so hard, but I finished the workout and I felt amazing, I was also damn proud of myself. I am also excited to start mediating again, something that I think will help with my sleep.

Work has been crazy and hasn’t been all that fun the past week and a half, stressed isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. People have been crazy, rude, and extremely needy, seriously if you are going to be a jackass and are scared of COVID – do us all a favor and stay home. My faith in humanity, has dwindled to about a one, and is sliding quickly into negative numbers. I am tired, frustrated, and my patience is gone (something that needs to come back quickly). I want people to wear a mask, I want people to stop yelling at me because people aren’t wearing a mask, I just want people to be nice and stop writing reviews about shit we can’t control. We are stressed, frazzled and are doing the best we can. So exercise, as well as painting has become my outlet. I also have a gummy bear problem, so exercising helps with my overload of sugar – for example today I ate a bag of gummy bears in about two hours (I am aware I have a problem). I did show restraint in not eating the second bag I was given.

Why gummy bears? Because I can bite their heads off and not get in trouble, they are also very yummy. So in order to combat my gummy bear addiction, I subscribed to FitFusion. Please don’t tell me how bad gummy bears are – I am aware. However, you get yelled at for eight to twelve hours straight, be called a racist ass bitch, without lashing out, check out 183 people by yourself, while answering phones, running all department calls, make tour reservations, amenities, and see how well you deal with everything. I am doing the best I can and this was the only way I could think of to stay motivated.

I want to also state – I am NOT getting paid to do a blog post about FitFusion this is my experience and I paid for this out of my own pocket.

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