I Finally Did It…

I bought an iPad, I have been talking about it for years and I couldn’t do it. The cost was really the main reason, I just couldn’t stomach it. With virtual learning, the kids are always on the computer, meaning I can’t do anything on Photoshop. I couldn’t take the photos I have and transfer them, I couldn’t update my website. There was a lot I did when the kids were in school, that I haven’t been able to do. We upgraded the Mac in June, I think I have sat at hat computer 3 times since getting the new one. I also needed a new tablet because my old Wacom tablet no longer worked with the new Mac. I was bummed, I love that tablet, I was really good at using it. I also new if I got a new one, I didn’t want to blind draw. I decided to start doing research on an iPad, to see if it could do everything I wanted it to do. It needed to run Photoshop, I wanted to be able to use my iPad as a tablet for Photoshop. I wanted to be able to use a keyboard with my iPad to turn it into a computer. My cousin works for Apple an was a wealth of knowledge. He answered all of my questions, I had and suggested the Air for everything I wanted to do. I did more research and finally settled on an iPad Air with an Apple Pencil, like my cousin suggested back in October. I got them both engraved because why not?!?! I patiently waited for my new toy, it finally arrived yesterday. The first thing I did was place the tempered glass covering over my iPad and put it in the case. My fear of dropping it was great.

I then downloaded all the apps, including Photoshop. I am working on a project for work and it involves some Photoshop items. I was very impressed on how well the Apple Pencil works. I felt like I was drawing on a sketch pad. There is definitely a learning curve with everything, especially with Photoshop because all the items are in different places. I will bring this to work on days I am at the front desk but I will not pull this out on days I am at the concierge desk (this would “walk away” if I used it there). I am constantly on the move making it very easy for someone to take it.

I am very pleased with my iPad, however I am glad I waited. I am glad I went the Kindle route before getting my iPad because I would have been like I wonder if the Kindle can do this (it can’t). I needed to find that out for myself, I don’t think I would appreciate it as much if I had gotten the iPad upfront. I also mentioned the engraving, I did a nod to my Grandma Dona and put a Bob Ross quote on it, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” So in the end I guess, it was meant to be.

The piece I am working on for work – yes I drew all over it because I don’t have my watermarks setup yet. This is DeSoto, I was trying to make him look friendly and not like a murderous conquistador. Yes I am aware he was a bad guy. However, when the building you work in has been named that for a 127 years, and terra-cotta pieces all over the place, it makes it hard to disassociate from him.

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