Save Handmade!

This is extremely important to all crafters, artists, and parents alike. As an artist/crafter with small children I always make a point to use non-toxic items in most items I create. This law prevents me and other artist/crafters like me to sell any item that uses snaps, buttons, non-toxic paint, etc. to children under the age of 12, without testing the item/items for toxins. I am for testing large corporations but many crafters/artist like myself purposely pay more money for non-toxic items so it is safer for us and our children. If feel that the testing is an outrage for the crafter/artist who is looking to make a little money on Etsy for their family. Please pass this on and write your Congressman or Senator and SAVE HANDMADE!

Save Handmade Toys

Help Us Save Handmade!


We’re all for strengthening the safety standards of mass-produced toys, clothes, and accessories made in China, and banning toxins like phthalates and lead. But this year, congress passed the ill-conceived Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, a law which goes into effect in two months and will absolutely decimate the small toy manufacturers, independent artisans, and crafters who have already earned the public trust.

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