I decided I need a new hobby and what better then to start making jewelry out of metal! I came up with some really interesting ideas for a pendant (I made them out of polymer clay) I showed the design to Jeff and he said it would look better if it was metal – I agree! Now I really want a ball peen hammer, a raw hide hammer, a new soldering iron, and some copper (maybe silver) wire. So I have been researching on what I need to start. I have narrowed it down to a ball peen hammer, 5 in 1 hammer, and a soldering iron.

Ball Pein Hammers
Ball Peen Hammer (a Stanley – my dad will be so proud of me)
5 in 1 hammer (so I don’t wreck the metal): This is a really cool tool it has nylon, copper, brass, plastic, and rubber heads. I would have to rate this up there with the coolest tool ever!

Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron – something simple
I own a bench peg already and a Jeweler’s saw but I need to get more blades.

I started playing with a piece of scrap copper I found and bent it with no aid of a hammer or the bench peg, just sheer strength (I am WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!!!! Ha-ha-ha) and my poor hands have blisters all over them. I also took out my files and filed down the edges so I can actually wear it. It is a work in progress especially since I can’t really do anything until my munchkins go to sleep but I hope soon to be far enough along to be able to post some pictures.

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