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WIP – Wednesday

So many Works in Progress and this isn’t even the design stuff I am working on. Amazing Craft Products Design Team Piece Paint Chip Art Shrinky Dink Rings Children’s Treasures™ Money Clip I sold (in limbo until tomorrow). Handmade Altered Calendar for Robin’s Nest Design Team Submission My Father-in-law’s Christmas Gift. So much to do … Continue reading

BELIEVE… My First Mixed Media Piece

So I decided to do a piece revolving around my word for 2011.  The one criteria I had was it had to be a mixed media piece.  I wanted to challenge myself because I don’t do mixed media (I’m a one media at a time type of gal – lol).  So I played with new … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Poinsettia Pin Tutorial

Eco-Friendly Poinsettia Pin Tutorial

The original idea came from Cool 2 Craft where Tiffany Windsor took old tea candle tins and made flowers with them.  I thought that was the neatest thing ever and decided with Christmas fast approaching to make a Poinsettia Flower.  I have been thinking about this for a couple of days now but I didn’t … Continue reading

Learning Curve

I have learned quite a bit working with metal the past couple of weeks. There has been an immense learning curve and I love it! I have been working with copper this week. Why Copper? because I can afford copper, it is easier to work with and I can get it at ACE. I know … Continue reading

Children’s Treasures

So I had this idea this morning when I was in the garage working on a metal brooch. For Mother’s Day I had Jillian make a pendant out of clay for both grandmas. Well I decided to take it and create the pendant out of silver and attach it to a personalized pendant that says … Continue reading

FINISHED!!!! Mother’s Day Pendant

Well after much heartache (and swearing) I finished the Mother’s Day Pendants for the grandmas (YAY – ME!) I decided after the Art Clay disaster last weekend, (I only got one silver pendant even though I made four – insert string of profanity here) that I would have Jillian make a pendant out of polymer … Continue reading

My Metal/Crafting Shop (Area)

In the 2 years we have lived in our house I think we have parked a car in the garage twice.  It has become storage for Christmas, Easter, Halloween Bins and a general dumping ground for my rogue art supplies.  That ends this week I am officially claiming the garage as my workspace!  Metalsmithing is … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift – UPDATE

Well I ordered the Steel Stamps and some copper blanks for the Mother’s Day Gifts.  Yesterday morning I even made the mold of the fingerprints.  I have been debating all week if I should buy a Heart Stamp or wait and see how I like the stamping technique. I am hoping that this project will … Continue reading