My Mother’s Day Idea…

Well I finally figured out how to complete my Mother’s Day Project (YAY – Me!) I wanted to do something with the silver clay I have because it is just sitting there mocking me (Naaaa-Naaaa-Boo-Boo, you get artist block every time you think of me.) So I am going to make a fingerprint necklace and layer it on top of a hand stamped circle pendant that says Grandma. I am combining two very trendy items and creating a “NEW” trendy item (hopefully). I know what everyone is thinking, but Amanda, you are blogging about your Mother’s Day Gift idea, why? I have come to the conclusion I need to write about it because if I write about it, it is easier for me to think it through. Also grandmas (yes both) don’t read my blog to my knowledge (or they just have never mentioned it and if they are reading it right now – Happy Mother’s Day! Please act surprised when you open your present!)

The fingerprint charm will be a little more refined than this one and it will have both kids finger prints on it. I am going to make a mold first and then use the silver clay with the mold, I figured it would be safer and less expensive then having the kids play with the silver clay.

FREE SHIPPING - Mommy and Child Personalized Sterling Necklace

I want to place the finger print charm where the “Aiden” charm is and the bigger circle will say Grandma instead of Mommy. I do plan on making a Mommy necklace for myself if all goes well. I also plan on using a pearl opposed to the glass bead, I think it will look better (I also really like pearls!) Hopefully, if all goes well I can sell these on my Etsy Store (Baby Shower Gifts, Mother’s Day Presents, etc.) – I have a couple ideas on how to make it work. I could send a piece of polymer clay and have them make an imprint of their child finger print, they cook it and send it back. I then make a mold from what they send me and make the silver fingerprint, put the necklace together and send it back. It is still in the baby stage but I think this will be quite nice. I would love some feedback on my idea, so let me know what you think of this idea. Also, if you are interested in a necklace, let me know and I will email you some information.

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