Blog Buttons

I have been wanting to make a blog button forever but never really tried until this weekend.  After several pain staking hours I finally figured out how to make a blog button.  I made one for my Food Blog (Pennies Left Over) I figured I would try it there and make one for this blog.  One of the big problems I have been having is Blogger will not open any layout screens in Fire Fox which sucks because I have to use Explorer (I hate Explorer.)  Since I know how to do it now I am excited to make one for this blog.  I plan on increasing the size of the one I created to 150×150 pixels opposed to 125 x 125.  I’m not crazy about the design (I threw it together) because it is a little to busy for my taste but I like the peppers behind everything and the font – the color not so much.

I guess the button isn’t terrible but I know I can do a better job.  I haven’t really thought about the design for this blog I think I want a circle but I’m not sure.  I found all the information from the following blog:

Her blog was very helpful and I know it would have went faster if I had read opposed to skim her directions on how to do it.  I am pretty happy that I finally did it and I can’t wait to start the blog button for this blog.  When I do the button for this blog, I will also do detailed instructions for not so tech savvy people.  I also really want to do my own blog backgrounds and once I figure out how to do that I will definitely post it!

UPDATED 5/23/11:
If you are looking to do Badges for a website just add your picture to your website with the following directions:

Save as many Badges as you like and link the to the URL provided:

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