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New Blog Banner (with code)

Pin ItIn my free time I went though and completed a new banner.  I know what you are thinking “It is just your old banner with photos.”  It is but it isn’t, each of those photos is hyper linked to that blog post (Manda Happy Dance Right Now!) and if you move your mouse over … Continue reading

Changes to the Blog

Yesterday, I once again decided to change my blog adding and subtracting items.  The one thing I am extremely proud of is “The Box” it took some time but I figured it out on my own (with no swearing). This is only a screen shot so none of the buttons are active. I know it … Continue reading

Work In Progress Wednesday

Well I am currently working on my Tutorial Page here is a snapshot of what it will look like: I am really liking the look and I hope to have is finished by the end of the week.

My Blog has a NEW Feature!

I have been trying to figure out how can I add a Print Option to my blog without going through any extra work for quite sometime.  I discovered a website called Printer Friendly that take any blog post and converts it to a printable PDF file (i.e. all my recipes).  To visit their website and … Continue reading

Part 8: How to Watermark a Photograph

What is watermarking?  A watermark is a little picture, logo etc. that usually contains your name, business name, website information and a © symbol.  What does it do?  It makes it harder for people to steal your photos, pictures, etc. and claim it as their own.  It isn’t 100% if someone really wants your picture … Continue reading

Part 6: Setting Your "Blog" to Sell Stuff

First I want to state you need a Paypal account to do this next section.  I personally love Paypal and love the services they offer.  I recommend using the ADD TO CART button opposed to BUY NOW because the ADD TO CART feature lets your customers continue shopping. Another item I want to point out … Continue reading

Blog to Web 101 Page

I am overwhelmed by the responses I have gotten on this series.  I thought the easiest way to keep everything in one place would be to do a Blog to Web 101 Page.  I plan on adding more stuff I have a couple really good ones coming up.  I hope y’all enjoy it and continue … Continue reading