The Garden…

This past weekend I worked in the garden, I have been slacking in the weeding and degrassing department. I picked more beans and the peas are now coming in which makes Jillian very happy. We have tomatoes… finally! I have at least 10 and a ton more flowers, now if they would just turn red we could pick and eat them. The carrots are coming along I have to remind Jillian daily that they are not ready yet. The radishes are also coming in nicely. The cantaloupe is thriving along with the 4 squash plants (we have buds on one) and our lonely pumpkin plant.

The pea plants…

This weekend I think I convinced Jeff to get a blueberry bush and a couple of raspberry bushes for the side of the house. I really want to be able to make jelly, preserves, and any thing else you can do with berries (pies). I still want to get asparagus for the backyard or the side by the driveway. The only problem with putting it by the driveway is people might help themselves to it or there is a chance they will have no idea what the hell it is.

I also really want to make the garden stones this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) keeping my fingers crossed that I will get a couple done. Also our front yard looks horrible in the landscaping department, I have put all my energy in the backyard with the garden, hopefully I can get the front looking nice since our porch is finished.

My plan is to do a “spice garden” with a cute little pathway with the stones. It looks great in my head might not look so great in reality. I’m thinking basil, cilantro, dill, thyme, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, and any other spice or herb I can get in there. I really want to do a “tea garden” and a giant other spice garden. I think I might have waited a little too long to plant stuff but if I get it set this year then next year will be a breeze. We will see I have no idea what will happen and with my luck it will rain, so I’m not getting my hopes up on landscaping the front yard. It is in my giant to do list of things I want to do to the yard.

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