Patterns, Patterns, Patterns…

I have decided to start making patterns to sell on my Etsy store. The first one I put up was the Chocolate Easter Bunny, I did ponder this for a long time because it wasn’t my idea. I did draw the pattern, write the directions, and make the bunny myself but the idea wasn’t mine which bothers me. So I will make a deal with anyone who becomes a fan of A.J.’s Arts on Facebook or follows my blog, email me and I will help you with your bunny. I also can’t figure out how to put PDFs on my blog which makes it quite difficult, I need to do some more research on this. I put the pattern really cheap on my Etsy store, people might not buy it honestly because it is so easy they are probably like I can do that with out a pattern and directions. I did the bunny also because it was an easy pattern and writing directions out for that was much easier than the Watering Can.

I have no clue on what I’m going to do next, I made Jillian a Doctor’s Bag but I am afraid to list that because I used another person’s picture as an idea. Jillian loves the doctors kit her favorite is the stethoscope and blood pressure cup. I will have to get some photos up soon. I guess if I draw it and write the directions it is mine but something bothers me about that. I know throughout the years artists always borrow from other artists but they change it, I guess if I change it or add something to it I would feel better about it. I need an indoor hobby because I can’t work with metal when the kids are awake, a little disappointing in that respect but a lot safer. The pattern design reminds me of when I would slave over measured drawings for my drafting classes. Yes, I really hate measured drawings but this is a little on the relaxing side and is something I can do with the kids. I enjoy the metalsmithing way more than the pattern design but I get to experiment with new ideas and Jillian loves it! Hopefully I will have some new patterns up soon!


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