Find of the week!

So I have been really wanting cucumbers for the garden ever since the neighbor’s cat ate my seedlings. Yesterday, Jillian an I ventured over to Wal-mart where they had a 6 pack of plants for a $1.00, granted they were a little yellow but heck for $1.00 I couldn’t pass them up. I bought those, 2 year asparagus roots (which I still have no idea where I am going to put them) and a Gerber daisy plant for the front porch. I wish I would have bought the giant eggplant they had but I didn’t I bought Jillian Littlest Pet Shop Pink, Sparkly, Sun Glasses and light blue flip-flops instead. I think I have convinced Jeff to help me build another bed (remove the grass and add soil) for sweet potatoes (Wal-mart also had those for $3.50) and plant the asparagus in the back yard.

I love asparagus always have it reminds me of camp. I was in the 3rd grade when my grandma sold it but I remember the fresh asparagus every year. I have a couple ideas of where I want to put it but not quite sure yet. I have such grand ideas for our garden next year, I consider this year an experiment.

I also finally took pictures of the garden, today.

The tomato that won’t turn red.

The fish net covering the tomato and now cucumber plants.

Bush Beans

Pole Beans

Jillian picking an eating the peas.

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