Photoshop Fun…

I have been taking quite a few photos in the past few weeks (now that I found my camera manual I figured out the manual aperture setting.) I have been playing quite a bit with Photoshop, here are some of the finished ones.

Gerber Daisy from my new potted plant.

The before Photoshop photo

The picture I took of my daughter with the daisy. I then brought it into Photoshop and created serveral layers, dodged each one of the layers and then changed the opacity of it. I also cut out the daisy and placed it back over the photo. I also used some photo filters (Deep Yellow) on the daisy to really make it pop.

I am experimenting with some more photos and different techniques. It gives me a break from working on designing patterns which can be on the boring side.

This is one I took of the Booga over Earth Day. I added some different layers, did artistic textures and then played with the opacity. I like how it turned out, soft and dark.

I will have to post “real” instructions at a later date.

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